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we icon more than waffles...

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We icon more than waffles.

Hello! This is a shared graphics community. It's me, poncho_san, and my sister, wordwok. We both have different iconing styles. I prefer more plain icons. I don't do all that razzle-dazzle. Maybe i'll add some text once in a while, but don't count on it. XP While my sister usually adds something extra in her icons. She'll put text and other stuff. I go crazy with variations and she goes crazy with saturation. hehe. little joke... not funny. aw well, i tried. *shrugs* what can ya do? Okay then. just want to say that we don't have Photoshop (one of us has PSP now). so don't expect anything as fabulous as other iconmakers' icons. Okay?
So how about some rules.

- We would like some credit. You can credit one of us or the community, waffle_icons. When crediting one of us, make sure you credit the right person. :)
- No hotlinking. C'mon people it's like a given.
- We also would appreciate some comments. Give us some constructive critism. We won't mind. Just don't yell at us IN ALL CAPS!!hjiHFUDSHFIUH. That's really annoying. Mind you we are new to this iconing business. :)
- You can ask for requests. We don't mind. :D Can't promise we'll do them though.

That's all for the rules. Please join! And we hope you like our stuff! ^__^